Burp Bounty Pro v.2.8.0

Changelog for Burp Bounty Pro Version 2.8.0


New profiles for enhanced scanning capabilities:

  • GraphQL Alias Overloading: Identifies issues with excessive use of aliases in GraphQL queries.
  • GraphQL Circular Queries: Unveils vulnerabilities related to circular or recursive queries in GraphQL.
  • GraphQL Directives Overloading: Tests for overuse and mishandling of directives in GraphQL.
  • GraphQL Field Duplication: Checks for unnecessary duplication of fields in GraphQL queries.


  • Aesthetic and usability enhancements across the interface for a more intuitive user experience.
  • Incorporated a new feature allowing users to replace strings or regular expressions in URLs before they are sent to the scanner.


  • Existing profiles have been refined to improve detection accuracy and reduce false positives.