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Professional, advanced, and highly customizable.

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Professional, advanced, and highly customizable website scanner designed to find unique vulnerabilities.

Burp Bounty Pro is a Burp Suite Pro extension that improves the active and passive scanner by utilizing advanced and customized vulnerability profiles through a very intuitive graphical interface.

On the one hand, it acts as the most advanced and flexible web application vulnerability scanner, being able to add your own vulnerability profiles.

On the other hand, it can simulate a manual pentest in search of maximum efficiency without making unnecessary requests.

Finally, it helps you by collecting valuable information when performing the manual pentest, such as possible vulnerable parameters, version detection, and more.

Why Burp Bounty Pro?


You can implement your secret tricks, and then Burp Bounty Pro will take care of finding them for you.


The different types of scans: smart, active, and passive, allow you to perform a complete analysis on the target.


Due to the rules system, the scanner knows when to run the profiles, bringing intelligence to the scans.

Free and Pro versions






Pro features.
Pro results.

The Burp Bounty Pro extension is much more powerful, as it incorporates many improvements at different levels. It has a unique customization capacity, with new insertion points and new search types. On the other hand, the use of the extension has been simplified, executing everything through a right-click.

Easy usage

Easy scan through the right click on requests or domains.

Advanced profiles

More cutomizable vulnerability profiles to control your scans.

More powerful

Various types of scans for in-depth target analysis.

Better performance

Speed and efficiency in the web vulnerability scans are in our DNA.

Main clients.

These are some of our most recognized clients.


What do our users say about Burp Bounty and Burp Bounty Pro?
 Jason Haddix
Jason Haddix @Jhaddix
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Burp bounty is 🔥🔥🔥
Aditya Shende 🇮🇳
Aditya Shende 🇮🇳 @ADITYASHENDE17
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Yesterday night I used tool of @BurpBounty . Found 3 SSRF with fastest HTTP interaction, More fast than collaborator everywhere. Profile section part is really awesome. Combined burpbounty with hunt master. ❤️❤️ Big Shout out to @BurpBounty
BApp Store
BApp Store @BApp_Store
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We asked, you answered. Our top Twitter extensions are as follows: - Turbo Intruder - Flow - Logger++ - Hackvertor - Param Miner - Burp Bounty, Scan Check Builder - Auto Repeater
Ozgur Alp
Ozgur Alp @ozgur_bbh
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For the last 2 weeks I started using Burp Bounty actively within my own configured profiles/settings. Today I find the first valid vuln within that, which Burp active scan didn't found it so thanks @BurpBounty for latest improvements on the extension regarding my feedback
Harsh Bothra
Harsh Bothra @harshbothra_
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Burp Extensions that I use: (1/n) 1. Autorize - To Test BACs 2. Burp Bounty - Profile-based Scanner 3. Active Scan++ - Add more power to Burp's Active Scanner 4. AuthMatrix - Authorization/PrivEsc Checks 5. Broken Link Hijacking - For BLH #bugbountytips #bugbounty
Diego Jurado
Diego Jurado @djurado9
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Go check the new Burp Bounty release! This awesome plugin helps me a lot in my daily bug hunting and pentest 💪🏼 #bugbounty
 epic bounties
epic bounties @epicbounties
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Para mejorar la calidad de los escaneos de tú herramienta Burpsuite, te recomendamos añadir los siguientes plugins: Burp Bounty, Additional Scanner Checks, AWS-extender, Swagger Parser, WSDLER, J2EEScan, JSON Beautifier. #bugbounty #bugbountyspain #bugbountyespañol
sw33tLie @sw33tLie
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Never heard of "Burp Bounty"? Then check it out, it's an awesome Burp extension and you should be using it already! #bugbountytips https://github.com/wagiro/BurpBounty!
Zach @Nu11ifidian
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Burp Bounty Pro is so legit. Best tool I've EVER purchased (and it's less than $80). It's found vulnerabilities that I missed every test I've done with it so far, and it just keeps getting better. @BurpBounty Great job, money VERY well spent!
BugBountyTips.tech @_Bugbountytips_
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Edu Garcia, @cobalt_io , Core #pentester, shares insights on his #BurpSuite extension, Burp #Bounty. In this session, he will explore what it is, how it works, and why it’s useful. #bugbounty #bugbountytip #security #cybersecurity #hacking #girlswhocode
Six2dez @Six2dez1
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😎Seriously, you should already be using Burp Bounty Pro @BurpBounty #BugBounty #bugbountytips
STÖK ✌️ @stokfredrik
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Bounty Thursdays - H1 paid $2.4m to hackers in ONE week , VirSecCon aftermath & Burp Bounty update

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